Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pearl Maternity Hospital Review

ok here goes. the long overdue review.

the room
  • Saya amik single room package. more privacy and easier access to the toilet. summary I would give a 4/5
  • it's a very basic room la, ada hospital bed, a tv, a bedside drawer, and couple of kayu jati chairs and side table. Toilet dia equipped with hot shower semua. Dan benda paling aku suka is the toilet dia ada rail, supaya makcik makcik buyung macam kami kami ini boleh pegang kat situ nak bangun. susah woiii nak bangun once dah nk beranak ni. Dia bagi toiletries so no worries if tak bawak toiletries. Just tadak towel je. 
  • cleanliness wise. 5/5. Dr Rosita sangat jaga bilik hospital dia. everything mesti in order and bersih. Toilet semua bergermerlapan ok. 
  • downside is tak ada kettle. ok fine Pantai pun tadak kettle jugak. safety issue kan? tapi ni memang tak ada access to hot water langsung. macam Pantai dia ada those water machines kan. at least something la. Tapi you can ask from the nurses for hot water and drinking water. leceh jer la sikit kot.
  • the food. Food is NOT included in the package, they will charge you extra for that. the food is good tapi a bit spensy. And they will take the order early in the morning, so if you come in late, no food for you, then you have to tapau your food la. I recommend to tapau your own food. better. they allow it pun. 

The Staff
  • Nurses are very friendly. respected me. When I said I'm having contraction so please wait before doing a  vaginal exam (VE) and they honor my request. Dan VE mereka sangat lembut. Most of them muda muda lagi, so mungkin itu menjadi faktor jugak.
  • Aku suka the midwife, ya ALLAH lupa dah nama. They are pro natural birth, they encourage people NOT to use epidural, what to expect (benda ni sangat penting for first time mama), she tells me upfront what she wants to do, what they will do in case of meconium leaking, stall of dilation and etc. And she respects my decision when I said I don't want them to break my waterbag. 
  • Just be aware that this is a maternity hospital not a full fledged one, so do expect shortage of staff, which is fine by me, because I don't need much attention. When I was about to give birth, there is only 1 attending nurse, sebab the other 3 are attending the c-sect patient together with the doctor.
  • What I like the most is, they leave me alone during stage 1 labor. no IV whatsoever, they just take baby's heartbeat reading for 1/2 an hour after induction, and satisfied with the result, lepas tuh they never disturb me. I like that so I can have some private time with my husband. that eases the labor significantly sebab I'm very much at ease with the environment.
  • They allow you to dim the lights, heck they allow us to do whatever we want. So we very much feel at home there. makan. minum. tengok how i met your mother on lappy. I was squatting, sitting, on all 4, leaning to the wall, macam-macam position nak cepatkan dilation. They never seems to bother.

The Doctor
  • Dr Rosita is one of Penang's best obgyn. Famous sangat doktor ni. I chose her sebab my sister in law penah beranak dengan dia. She's a woman and a muslim. fits my requirement. I just not comfortable having a male doctor staring at my vagina. just no. 
  • Dia ni kalau korang tak biasa dengan dia, erm dia ni kuat membebel sikit, aku tak kesah, sebab mak aku dan my sisters memang kaki membebel. So whatever that she said I never take it to the heart. rasa macam mak mak je sebab I'm still young kot and I'm not orang yang berangin. Some people tak suka sikit. So up to you la.
  •  She doesnt support full gentle birth ie, kalau dilation stall for a long time, dia akan c-sect sebab takut baby lemas, kalau leak meconium dia akan c-sect. I never ask about delay cord clamping dengan natural placenta birth, takut kena marah. LOL. no, the real reason is, there is a case, sorang minah ni mintak natural birth of placenta meaning taknak amik drug to cepat keluarkan uri, then dah half an hour tak keluar jugak uri dia, tapi this is normal, ada orang sampai sejam baru keluar, akan tetapi doktor dia tak biasa so dia takut uri tu lekat (there is a term for this aku lupa), so they cut her up utk keluarkan plasenta. fobia weh takut jadi begini. Tapi bagi aku I dont mind about the plasenta sebab baby dah keluar. You can jab me with anything, I dont mind. So both of those are not in my birth plan pun.
  • She respected my birth plan, I go through my birth plan with her, tapi birth plan saya simple jer, saya tak nak epidural, saya tak nak kena kacau dgn that hearbeat monitor machine, saya tak nak IV, saya tak nak orang pecahkan ketuban saya, saya nak a natural birth. She said ok. I respect your decision. Tapi you have to rephrase the way you said it la. the way I said it very the anak anak cakap to the mama. with all the respect in the world. 
  • I tak sempat nak cakap that I dont want a episiotomy, entah it somehow slips my mind, tapi she is an expert, I tak perasan pun bila dia gunting, I guess I perasan tapi just tak rasa apa-apa, cepat sangat dia buat, dia gunting when I'm having contraction to push, so memang tak rasa apa-apa sebab at that time the vagina is numb, Subhanallah. And dia sangat expert when sambut the baby, she doesnt shout "PUSH" nehiiii.. she just said "push when you're ready", and she just keep quiet and said "ok the kepala is out, it's ok, oh here comes the whole body". I dont think they do the suction, sebab Fatimah terus nangis when keluar. she cut the cord, pass the baby to the nurse. bersihkan darah tertumpah (i told you dia sangat pembersih!) sementara menanti my placenta to come out. and it was 1 in the morning mind you. LOL.
  • the stitches are top notch. since aku berpantang sorang sorang kan,  memerlukan pergerakan yang lebih, tapi Alhamdulillah tak ada apa-apa. Tak pedih langsung. dulu with the first pregnancy, pedih bila benang nk putus tuh kan. ni memang tak rasa apa-apa. Bila benang dissolve pun tak perasan. 

  • support rooming in.
  • You have to ask to breastfeed your baby right after birth. because the don't do that by default. But they will honor your request if you ask. 
  • Dia tak sunatkan anak perempuan terus. Boleh tanya doktor kalau nak. Which aku pun tak tahu anak perempuan kena sunat (LOL). so aku tak sunatkan la Fatimah. 

  • My bills was around 2.6k for a 3 days 2 nights single room vaginal birth with about RM100++ charge for some pain relieve medication. Eventhough I stay for only 1 night, sebab risaukan Anas, I still have to pay for the whole package. I don't mind. 

the disses:
  • tali pusat anak aku dia potong pendek sangat. susah nak jaga. asyik tertarik jer. menangis la budak tuh. kesian sangat. So bagi tahu diorang jangan potong pendek sangat.

It's a good hospital. the most important thing in labor is dont panic, be happy, surround yourself with positive people, be firm that you only want natural birth, don't think of negative thing, Insya ALLAH everything will be ok. I recommend this hospital for those who has low to no risk pregnancy. For those with risk, go to full fledged hospital, she does c-sect tapi entah I feel it is a lot safer with full fledged hospital where they have all kinds of doctors and machines, you know, just in case.

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