Thursday, May 31, 2012

disses #3

I have to get this out of my system. I'm tired of my day job! I love what I supposed to do, it's fun and satisfying, but the ego and double standard is just killing me! all of my great and crazy team mates have moved on to different companies, just left a few of us here and lots of crappy people to boot.

seriously, why is it soo hard for you guys to lower your ego? ego leads to nothing! *sigh* anyways, mak penat. sleep also thinking about work. Then some more got somebody who just don't understand the amount commitment one has to give when one has a family of one's own, and come out with a saying like "hey, I have a family too!" it's different people, having your own kids vs being single. yes you have a family, but you are not the only lifeline for someone else. Don't judge when you never be in that situation. I pity my colleague with 2 kids and his wife having a condition that does't allow her to do heavy stuff. *sighing again*

now I'm saying this out loud, I am soooooo glad that I made the decision to have a totally different life outside work, and I'm glad and thankful to the Almighty for the gift that helped me to forget about work! Alhamdulillah!

Ok dah. Carrying a girl does give me the extra emotional turmoil.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

babywearing journal #2

I'm not a fanatic babywearer, oh boy i've seen crazier mamas that ttc (trying to conceive) just because they want to relive the joy of babywearing! I have only 2 ring slings, 2 SSCs, and a wrap. A wrap convert mei tai is on the way, I'm waiting for Jumpsac Pandora wrap to be available and ask the Jumpsac's owner to convert it to a mei tai. So that I can still wear my now 17months old while I'm heavily pregnant later. 

I haven't manage to try wrapping my dear son yet since he's a little bit gayat (acrophobic) when I try to back carry him in a wrap, I think it's because usually in a SSC or ring sling, he'll be safely seated and secured before I'd do the adjusting,  but different with wrap where i have to balance him on my back before I can secure him with all the underpass overpass yada yada, it's my first time wrapping, so everything is still slow and fumbly, and that little kid has so little faith with his mama. *tsk tsk* so my plan is to become a wrap mama with the new baby. fwcc with a newborn, ahhh I cannot wait.  

I started to go crazy with wearing Anas back when he started to confidently walk, because he doesn't want to stay still in his stroller! I think because he has very restricted view from down below, so when I started to backcarry him in SSC, oh boy does he love the new perspective that he's getting. he keeps on pointing to interesting things that he sees, from the trees to the animals to the little kids, and he keeps on bouncing with glee. He even played peek-a-boo under my headscarf with his dad. And after sometime, he'll doze off in the carrier, and DH and I can happily spent more time in the bookstore. 

But now he's on a babywearing strike. Everytime I started to don my gear, he'll ran away. *sigh* but I need to wear him.. it's like an addiction! the craving is driving me crazy. I haven't try the new Jumpsac Orbit yet. Oh when I do, do expect a Jumpsac Orbit vs. SnuggBaby Stork review. Oh I so want to do that. So right now mama just had to catch her little monkey and go for a walk in the park.  

i'm eyeing for Kinderpack now actually, just forking out funds for it. (tapi mak tengah kopak *sad!*)

Feringgi Beach Penang

for now I'm going to stop ranting and grunting about life and start to reflect back on the fun stuff that we've done over the year. now for the good stuff! After came back from the State, i felt quite guilty actually for leaving him behind (the guilt was because I kind of love the "me" time that I had over there. :S bad mama!) so we took him to the beach.

He was about 11 months, started to walk, but still need to hold my hand for support. I studied hard before the trip on tips and tricks to handle baby at the beach. one thing that safe my life was, talcum powder! it took off the sands like wonder. People do warn about sun-burnt, but I'm not comfortable putting on sunscreen on my baby, the plan was to make a move before noon, so the heat is still manageable for us the tropical folks.

 For those looking for a Penang beach that is baby-friendly, i would say, Feringgi's the best one so far. Don't ever think about Miami beach, lousy and dirty! Kerachut is out of the picture for me because of the boat ride. he's too small for hiking through the jungle, even if I wear him on my back. Jungle in Malaysia is like the Amazon!

We started quite early from home, around 8am and we swing by Mcdonald's  to take out breakfast (mama's too lazy to cook but hey I did cook porridge for Anas!). so we reach Feringgi about 9.30am. parking was aplenty, the best spot for parking is, from the main feringgi road, you make a right turn into the alley right before the Masjid (mosque), and park somewhere around there. You'll come to a t-junction and a whole row of restaurants. go through the  restaurant, you'll see a bunch of huge trees. that is the best spot for picnic. the trees provide the best shades.

that little kiddo was super excited to see the beach, he loves the water, the sands, the endless beach front. he's just started to walk actually, there's an old folk's saying that if you want to speed up baby's walking progress, bring them to the beach, their little feet will have more stability by gripping the sands so they say. but hey, mama just want to have fun.

what i love about this outing is, it took only half day, which leaves the other 3/4 of the weekends for some other activities (read: chores and lazing around). afterwards we have our lunch at Gurney Plaza and reached home before 3pm. My goal for the weekend is to exhaust the little kid out so he'll asleep before Maghrib/sunset with lots of activity, be it indoor or outdoor, so that I can have some romantic evening (read: watching movie/tv series) with DH.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

sila lah ada anak awal!

aku dulu sangat lah workaholic, balik kerja, terus tidur, or even worse, balik kerja, makan depan laptop and still replying emails. that was eons ago. until one fine day, i got pregnant. it was a surprise gift from the Almighty.

I'm really glad that I have a kid, because after 4 years of working, i get tired of it, i'm not saying that I dont like my job, i love my job, but it's a very nice feeling to know that I have a big huge reason to come home to. and no matter how shitty your day at work is, you know you're coming home to someone that will make you forget about everything. 

sila lah kahwin awal!

tahun ini ramai my cousins yang nak kahwin. and they are pretty young. almost all of them are either early 20's or still in their teens. so yeah a bit of a shocker to me. Adakah ini trend atau youngsters sudah semakin matang dimana mereka tidak lagi mahu menanggung dosa berpacaran? eceh. I really hope it's the latter.  

In my opinion, saya kahwin agak awal (compare to what I was planning for), and the first year of marriage was a bittersweet experience. kita takkan tahu our mate true color until we actually kahwin and duduk bersama and bila dugaan datang bertimpa timpa. that was when you discover, oh my God, what have i done? so dalam konteks ini, kedua-dua belah pihak mesti lah mempunyai toleransi yang tinggi, which is very rare dalam manusia yang masih berdarah muda. ingat nk ikut emosi je.

saya dah tengok dah macam-macam kes dah. A friend kahwin masa umur 20 tahun, I saw a lot of drama, darah masih muda, masih tidak puas enjoy, tapi Alhamdulillah, kerana suami nya sungguh bertanggungjawab, penyabar dan beragama, they end up being a very happy couple indeed. The husband manage to guide his wife back. a very beautiful thing to witness actually. and I know one other couple yang kahwin awal, tapi si suami belum habis enjoy, bila anak dah berderet, eh baru nk start gelabah dan nak start enjoy balik, tinggal anak dan isteri. see the difference? there is a reason why Allah made husband as the family leader. Kerana suami yang akan menentukan hala tuju sesebuah keluarga. 

Untuk mengatasi masalah ini, I would say before kahwin, ask yourself, why do I want to spend the rest of my life with this person? ingat those points because that is the base of your relationship. the things that you want to hold on to. his traits that make you swoons. remember girls, we want to get married so that someone will protect us and guide us back when we stray off. Kalau dia sendiri pun ke laut macam mana nak jaga isteri dan anak nanti? nanti bila badai menimpa, and you feel like giving up, go back to those basic points. Jangan get married just because he's the love of my life (booo hooo!) it takes more than love to make marriage work! don't get me wrong, I'm greatly flawed myself and truthfully I'm still learning. we all are. and i'm a slow learner at that. *sad*

That is my main concern bila ramai cousins aku nak kahwin awal. Tiada kaitan dengan financial, sebab dalam bab ni, bila kita buat benda elok, rezeki akan ada. Jangan putus asa. InsyaALLAH. and after meeting the young couple, I have full confidence they can make it, mereka sangat la innocent dan sangat percaya dan memandang tinggi terhadap institusi kekeluargaan. 

So kalau dah jumpa calon yang betul betul boleh bimbing anda, sila lah kahwin awal!