Monday, February 20, 2012

Anas does the darndest thing #1: chicken pox

at 8 months ++, Anas caught chicken pox. Luckily there's no fever, just scabs. He looks like this hideous and yet cute monster. he was all active with all the scabs all over his face, Alhamdulillah it's not that itchy for him, so he didnt scratch it that much.

we tried mandi kan him with daun bambu, masa ni la baru tahu that daun bambu itu adalah sebenarnya neem, funny.. bukan main pakai skin care yg ada neem good for your skin la jadah la.. sekali daun bambu aje, I can make my own mask la pas ni (konon nya lah). letak daun bambu bawah tilam dia la..

then my mom came over, and she brought batu kawi, asah and letak dekat scabs, alhamdulillah cepat sangat kering the scabs, tapi Maha Suci ALLAH, sebab dia baby kan, tadak parut langsung i tell you. nasib baik jugak la kan he kena during his infancy, ada blessing in disguise la jugak.

udah la aku kena travel masa tuh.. tahu jer la hati mak macam mana. aku tinggal dia masa dia dah stat recover, kat muka dah hilang, kat kepala pon ilang, badan pon, just kaki dgn tgn ja.

tapi bila aku blk, ada jugak la parut, dekat dada dia, dekat bontot dgn atas lengan. yang dekat dada tuh kelakar, sbb nmpk macam 3rd nipple. hahahahahahaa. InsyaALLAH it will fade away, kalau dak pon takpa la, baru la jantan namanya.

Anas does the darndest thing #2: his first stitches

when my then manager knew that i was pregnant with a boy, the first thing he say is, "poor you, first born a boy, he's going to be a hand-full!" and in retrospect, not just hand-full, i got both my hands and my feet all tied to him and him only. oh my.. he is soooooo active!! now I fully understand the phrase boys will be boys. it is their nature, so who are we to suppress what God has given them.

this one fine day, i went up to change his diaper, so our routine is i will put him next to the window on the bed, so he can see the birds and the trees,to distract him so he wont be trashing around when i try to put on his diaper and pants. anyhow, I was just about to put back all the toiletries, out of no where, that little human ran towards the end of the bed, without realising the edge of the bed because it is all covered in rolled up quilt, and off he went to the floor and hit the edge of the closet.

it all happened so damn fast I didnt even have time to stop him, well its normal for him to fall of the bed, so when i heard he cried out loud, i didnt expect anything serious, normally i would just pick him up and hold him for a while and he will stop crying and get down to play again.

mana tahu, when i pick him up, blood was everywhere, on his face, on his shirt, and i can see a huge cut on his forehead, i swear i can see his skull, i dont know where i got the courage, i just call my husband and tell him we need to go the hospital pronto!

luckily his friends crashed at our house that weekend from their trip up north, so his friend grab his keys and they went off in less than +5 minutes after incident.

i then go and changed (since I was wearing oh so indecent outfit), and 2 minutes later tupai's other friend and I went off to hospital, i managed to drive sanely and adhere to all the rules which is mind boggling for me.

I guess when this emergency thing happen, your logical mind will take over and just do what you suppose to do.

the doctor said, he needs to bring him into the OR for surgery, the cut's pretty deep and its on the forehead, they need to call the plastic surgeon to do it. I was like whaattt? seriously? plastic surgeon? it's not like he's going for a face lift. well it seems like only the plastic surgeon knew how to stitch up on the forehead( he needs to know how far he should stretch the skin) to make sure scarring will be minimum.

and the rest is history. tapi memang a lot of people say the scar is not that obvious. at one glance you wont even notice it. hahaha that's a plastic surgeon work for you. luckily it got covered by my company's insurance, Alhamdulillah.

barely 1 year old and already has 8 stitches on the forehead, what 's in store for me in the future? hmm. bring it on!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

babywearing: find the right baby carrier

masa pregnant lagi aku dah gila nk pakai ring sling, biaq pi orang nak kata aku macam maid indon ka macam orang vietnam ka, janji chores aku settle and aku tak risau biar anak sorang-sorang dlm cot.

anyhow, bila baby dah keluar, ada ring sling pon aku takut nak pakai, sbb dia kecik sgt (3.5kg kecik tang mana aku pon tak tau!) ibu baru kann.. dukung baby pun mengigil lagi takut, ni kan nak sumbat dia dalam sling. So aku tunggu dia dah ada head control baru aku pakai.

masalah nya, encik tupai tak nak pakai ring sling, dia kata renyah aih tarik sini sana, dia kata dia nak yang buckle buckle tuh ja, senang. kebetulan kami terserempak dengan new mum bawak baby dengan ssc (soft structured carrier) yg byk gila buckle nya. dia kata hak tuh la dia nak. maka masuk la Jusco cari, jumpa la, harga dalam RM50 kot. aku dah habaq kat dia, ni nnt Anas tak selesa sbb dia mcm dangling macam tuh ja, bukan duduk. dia kata aku pessimist, ring sling aku ja la hak betui.

so bila kami outing, kalau dia yg dukung Anas, dia akan pakai la ssc tuh, tak sampai setengah jam dia dah complain sakit belakang, ada la dia pakai dlm 4kali ja. dah la gabak. tuh laa aku dah bilang awal2, ssc murah ni tak best. ada reason kenapa dia murah. sebab dia tak bes laaa. dia punya weight distribution tak betul, tuh yg sakit belakang. dah la tuh Anas pon tak selesa.

maka di bilik stor la ssc tuh sampai sekarang. the point here is, a lot of new parents are excited about wearing their baby and would jump to the cheapest carrier they can find, that is the purpose of you carrying your baby no? so that you don't have to buy expensive stroller. Teeett. NOT. babywearing is NOT cheap, yes there is a cheaper solution but it's not safe for you and your baby. invest in proper carrier for your baby safety and also for your back!

here's a diagram that explains why. familiar ain't it? bjorn anyone? this digaram was taken from, hipdysplasia is a condition where the hip is dislocated in development stage outside womb. or just google it, i don't really know how to explain it, dude it is proven these kind of carriers may caused hip dysplasia, so please be aware on this.

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organize! : failed!

ok i did organized my closet, but the closet's too small for both of my clothes and the husband's. so it was ok only for 2 months or so, then everything went everywhere. But at least I know where things are now. oh drat not really! i lie!

So anyway, the new plan is to convert my storage room to become my closet. weeheee.. so only important daily stuff go to the main master bedroom closet and the rest all will be shushhh to the storange.

So the next big project will be the storage room. see how long will this stay in my to-do list.. hahahahahahaha *evil laugh*

so anyway first thing first, get some inspiration from pinterest. oh btw am i the only obsessed with pinterest or what???? it's the best thing invented ever!!!