Sunday, August 14, 2011

A choice well made

I used to be a feminist. I always strive to be the best. And then. I have a baby.

Im only 25, a very young age to have a baby i must admit, im struggling to meet my life long dream of having a career that i can be proud of. Ashamedly, i was torn in between. At one point, i have traces of regrets and thousands of what-ifs just waterfall out of no where.

I have no one to turn too, i was too shameful to admit to anyone that i dare to even consider career over my baby boy. I was given not 1 but 3 chances of travelling to work with my counterparts on the other side of the globe. Travel equals to career growth. Not just that, travelling will open up my eyes and change my perspective towards life.

But i dare not go. I dare not think of him crying, searching for his mom when he wakes up at night. I dare not leave him for night, let alone for a month! yes i will leave him at a very capable hands,my mom. And yet, i felt like a coward for being so protective, and there are times that i really consider to accept the offer. But i was too vain. Afraid of what other might think of me. Leaving a 6 month old baby behind for career.

I was quite torn apart, until i stumble upon an article about work and family. It says that opportunities will come and go, but your baby will never grew up twice. If i had accepted the offer, i would have miss his first commando crawl, his first teething experience, how he started to learn how to sit on his own and be an expert about it he did a stunt by swiftly in one step, move from crawling position to sitting position. I swear i was so full with pride, when he lean over the couch and pull himself up for the first time.

And i can't wait to witness his first step.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Teething is no fun

Imran has his first pair of teeth last week. And it took sbout 3 weeks of teething process.

And it sucks.

He caught a cold and runny nose. And a massive diarhea to top it off. We have to switch him to lactose free formula but we reckon only until his stomach gets better. Lactose free formula causes 100 ringgit per tin demit. Which will last less than 2 weeks!! Its not that he is intolerent to lactose, it's just for the time being.. Let his stomach settle down. Thinking to switch to snow or enfagrow. Hmm..

Oh and i caught on his cold, it has evolved to be a terrible cold,cough and fever. Trifecta ftw. It got me down for a week. And it was the first week of ramadhan. Kesian encik tupai bini tak masak langsung.

But honest to God, taking care of a baby is much much more tiring than being 9months pregnant with swollen feet. I managed to cook for iftar and sahur when i was pregnant, but now? *surrender*

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tricks and tips in handling baby's stuffy nose

Anas is one stubborn baby. When he doesnt like something he will let the whole world knows about it. Screaming and kicking. He gets that from me.

And he hates stuffy nose.

"blow your nose anas, like this hghhhhh,hggghhhh" nothing happen. Mak bapak dia ingat anak diorg clark kent ke apa reti blow his own nose at 7 months old? Anyhow, our paedi is one of those paedi that doesnt like to give drugs to babies(that's why we love her), she insisted to let his immune system do the healing instead. And siapa yang terseksa.. Mak bapak dia juga...

All we can do is to make things comfortable for him. The doctor gave us a nasal seawater spray that supposed to clean up his airways, susah tahap gaban nk pakai benda alah sea water what sheet itu. Last-last free free kena baling ke dinding oleh encik tupai. Kaput.

And the nasal aspirator, the ballon suction thingy doesnt work for us, anas wont let us near him with that thing. Literally kicking and screaming and rolling around and crawling away. So bought the one where we have to suck it on our own. It works. Kaedah nya perlu hisap seperti kamu mkn siput sedut. Yup with the toungue.

So we do our fair share of googgling on how to handle this especially for bed time, we tried every trick and we found the perfect tricks! *yeah bebehh yeah!* certified working!!

1. Get him out of the house, maybe for a evening walk. give him some fresh air.

2. Let your hot shower running at max temp.and make sure your bathroom is steaming. If your mirror is all fogged up then it's good to go. Get your baby in the bathroom for about 6-8 minutes. The steam will clear his airways naturally. This works for adults too. I can vouch for that.

3. Gve your baby a massage, lather him up in johnson and johnson bedtime lotion, this lotion does help baby to sleep better.

4. Put some ointment( minyak telon is wunderbar for us) on his soles and at the back of his calves and also some under his knees. Also on his stomach, and wee bit on his chest.

5. Carry your baby in upright position and tummy to tummy. Your heartbeat keeps your baby secured and upright position clears up his airways.

After step 5, anas would be sound asleep, and when we tuck him in, we elevated his Chest and his head with a huge pillow. It helps him to sleep better with his nose and chest higher than his whole body.

No more crying at night!! He even smiled when he woke up for his midnight feeding. Haaaa the bliss of google.