Friday, May 6, 2011

disses #2

ok so here i was this morning driving happily to work, i just turn in to my "office"'s car park, and then some kiasu konon kononnya vogue lady with a big lalat shades on suddenly just overtook me (she actually overtook me in the carpark area!! AND she stepped on the gas some more!) on my left. being a good girl that i am thought "kesian dia, dah lambat nk gi meeting kol 9 agak nya".

in the end she parked on the same lane as i do, and there's plenty of spaces left. like PLENTY!! i dilly dallied a bit so that i don't have to walk side by side with her, when i get out of my car i thought she would be long gone, instead she just got out of her car!! there she was smiling sheepishly. tahu malu la pulak. *hoh*

and the worst part is.. she walk superrrrrrr slowly while talking on her phone, holding her opened-up laptop, giggling around. in the end i reached the office wayyy earlier then she did. well obviously she's not catching any meetings.

so why the bitchiness? again. patience is a virtue.

kisses #1

aku sukaaaa tesco sekarang.. if you stand behind the green line we will open up a new counter for you. wooooooooahhh.. at first i thought nahhh just another marketing strategy that will never becomes reality. tetapi i was so wrong! mereka siap ada traffic controller, they called it queue controller. in your face makcik kiasu konon-konon nak cepat potong queue, in the end, i paid first! patience is the virtue makcik!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

disses #1

#1: cheap people are wusses. okay fine you earn about 4k monthly, that may not be much, but you're single and renting with bunch of your friends. and you don't even give much to your parents. but you complaint a lot when people bring you to a slightly decent place(not really expensive for your salary!!) for a self paid colleague farewell dinner. *urghhhhh*

#2: just because you're freshly out of uni with a master's degree, doesn't give you the license to belittle your other bachelor degree colleagues, for all it matters, they have more working experience than you do! less talk, more work. you got credential from your work, not your talk.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

random thoughts #2

#1 : Bon jovi makes my belly becomes jelly. :) i'm a cowboy, on a steel horse i ride, i wanted.. dead or alive... *saliva*

#2: my in laws starting to point out how easy wives nowadays get away with things. they are working wives too and able to multitask like nobody's business. kaboom! well they are the real definition of superwoman.. oh heck, najwa has to start cooking again.

#3: postpartum hair loss is killing me! sini rambut, sana rambut. everywhere rambut. we're talking about A LOT! ish. oh orang tua kata sebab baby main air liur. boleh? tapi memang Anas suka main air liur pon now.

random thoughts #1

frogurt is my new favorite treat. goodbye haagen dazs.