Monday, February 1, 2010

will he still give that look when I'm 60?

i noticed how his dad look at his mom. that long glance. that look. the look of love.

you know that look. that deep glowing look. that admiring look. the look that says I'm holding on to your every word. the look that says i want to grow old with this woman.

hell for those who has fallen in love before would definitely know it. you know the time when you're thinking like "damn i wonder how can I love this guy so much?" well ppl, when u do mean it, you will wear your heart on your face. it is THAT obvious.

the first thing that came to my mind was "will he still give that look when I'm 60?"

mom said, "you have to make it WORK, its not a plug-and-play thing, marriage is not THAT easy".

cuwak siallllllll~~~~~~~~ gegegegegegege..

p/s:last saturday was my mother-in-law-to-be's birthday. so we went back to Shah Alam to celebrate it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

the journey #1

the engagement part was even *wtf*.

tetibe something came out last minute the day before my engagement, aku dah tau dah sure ade bende mcm ni akan jd, that's why no ticket was bought earlier. so since aku mmg workaholic konon-konon nye tanak org tahu psl engagement tuh, aku pon buat lah keje tuh smp abes. aku blk dlm kol 7.30. *wtf*

utk org yg tk penah tahu, bulan 12 ade Pesta Penang Sg Nibong. sebelah jer dgn stesen bas. Jem die tahap cipan. prjlnn aku dari opis ke stesen bas spttnye 5 minit jer, jdk 40 minit. *wtf*

smp stesen bas, org-org tiket ckp bas g KL plg awal kol 12, "bas kol 8 td ade kosong dik tp.." *wtf wtf*

mule2 tunang aku taleh join our engagement, sbb die pon workaholic tak nk bgtau colleague die jugak lagi, tp keje Tuhan, lepas jer aku beli tiket bas larut mlm, tunang aku call ckp die boleh blk pulak, so pulang la kami nek DAL. road trip! weehooo!

atas penang bridge kol 10 lebey, sg perak kol 12 lebey. pakcik tu tido di petronas smp kol 1.30. aku sambung drive. shah alam kol 4 aku dah high gile. stop mamak sejam. kol 5 smp nusa rhu. rumah abg aku. kol 5lebey tido. kol 8 bgn. anak sedare aku dtg kejut. "nanan bgn, nanan nk tunang ari ni"

aku tunang dgn mate panda. *typical*

tobat aku akan cite this tale of wtf moments to my many descendents to come, the how-i-met-your-mother style!

meet the parents

THE talk with the Parents was a mix of cuwak and humor. his mom wants to do the merisik thing first. my mom said lets just combine the merisik+tunang and stripped it down to the basic. my dad said, March 2010, her mom said January 2010. the Nikah. *jawdropping, adrenaline popping kan?*

and i ask them what's the rush? both sides answers are well, almost the same: parents aku ckp since tunang aku dah kerja di Penang, so they cuak we buat maksiat. as in THE maksiat. *wtf* seriously this whole ordeal is full of wtf moments. his mom's answer is well better than my mom lah kot. die ckp dah2 la tuh bwk anak dara org kehulu kehilir, bawak2 la kawin cepat2. seee.. comey sket kan jwpn nye daripada takut kamu kamu buat THE maksiat. *sigh*

the beginning

It started with that one innocent walk down queensbay mall late november 09, we stumbled upon Habib's 51 yr celebration sale, and he goes, hey let's get some rings. *wtf??*

ha ha klaka sgt la kan?

3 ekor cincin ikut kitorg blk.the engagement ring, and our wedding bands.

ye ppl, that's how my tunang propose. spontaneity is our style bebeh.

i'm engaged!

2 words. tell more later.