Friday, July 31, 2009

I almost killed a guy today

dramatic huh? haha.. no lah. hmm. it was actually, come to think about it.

ok so here goes the story, was rushing for my 9am meeting this morning, so here i was being as civilised as i can be without lifting my feet off the gas pedal, kah kah!

then at this one traffic light, the light's turning yellow, and i was about 5 meters away from the white line, i look at the other lane, the car stopped, it was not yet red, kamon, yellow means "hit that gas dudes, hit it!" so i hit the gas, amidst feeling weird why that car in the other lane stop.

suddenly, out of no-freaking-where, there was a matrempit in front of my car, like less than 2 meters away, i was still mamai at that time, so my subconscious took over, and my reflex hit the brake, (nasib baik i just changed my brake oil last week, if not then that guy gone case d. ok NOT supposed to think about it!) and nothing happen. Alhamdulillah.

weh oink-oink kamon!!! my light's not RED yet, and it is WAY WAY impossible that your light's already GREEN! yellow light took about 3 seconds min, and then there will be extra 3 seconds interval before the other light turns green. dude 6 seconds!! lame tuh! enough for my dear Bergkamp to engineered and scored a goal!

typical PENANGITE!! bwk motor mcm pakai kepale lutut. aaaaaaa... Penang IS the birthplace of all Rempits. before this, i never really care about Rempit, they nvr bothers me, do ur stunt, if it turns ugly, then its ur lost, u lost ur life, nothing whatsoever gotta do with me. But this morning changed my perspective, it BOTHERS me if i were the murderer who drag him 10 feet across the road, and I can nvr ever looked in the mirror again. that guilt will lingers forever, even though I honestly know that it were NOT my fault. i'll be drowned with all those what-ifs for the rest of my life.

the reality hits me a few seconds later, i could have killed that guy! then only the goosebumps came. then comes the rage. next thing i know i shakily grabbed my phone, press the green button twice, and 10 seconds later, every thing's fine, back to normal.

p/s: pantun 4 kerat pada hari ini:

u fill me up with sunshine,
tell me everything is fine,
damn u're way too kind,
for some geeky 5 foot 9.

Friday, July 17, 2009

ade lah tuh hikmah die

kl something jadik, sure org ckp, "dah takdir", "qada qadar lah najwa", "everything happens for a reason", "ade lah tuh hikmah die".

Selase lepas, smp dr KL kol 5 pagi, so aku bgn lmbt gi keje sbb super penat, akhirnya work from home smp kol 10. aku tgh mkn2 koko krunch, bersila kat bwh, sambil *ketap ketap* reply email bos, skali mahu bgn amik air,

*kerappppppp* jeans aku koyak.

beyond repair. taklah! bukan kat situ, kat peha blkg knn. there goes my feveret jeans. *sigh* byk kenangan dgn jeans itu. jeans tuh la jeans plg comfy dlm sejarah jeans idup aku. bought it with my 2 besties dekat penang time intern, buat macam2 bende pelik ngn jeans ni, meredah utan belantara, masuk laut, nek traktor, nek bukit teh, bwk gi keje tiap2 ari dan macam2 lagi. ptt la die koyak, die bukan jeans for all terrain(wujud ke? ade kot yg mcm Mcleod's daughter pakai), aku gi belasah die macam2. kesian.

gi keje. then aku kene install dengan configure satu machine. aku pon screw sane sini. terkangkang sane, terkangkang sini, bgn duduk bgn duduk, tolak sane, tarik sini, pastuh aku terpikir, aah la, nasib baik aku WFH td, kl terus gi keje, mau nye jeans tuh terkoyak kat lab.

nightmare at Elm street la jadik nye.

bye bye jeansy. run wild and run free. :|

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the head scarves effect

yesterday during lunch, my project lead, he's an expat from India btw, suddenly went "Are you ok if i ask some personal and a bit erm sensitive question?"

i gave my "no problemo just shoot" face. and he went, "which sect of Islam are u in?" then i blurted out a question that clearly showed how blur and shallow i am "my sect as in school, hanafi,shafie or sect as in shia, sunni?" *bodo nye aku!!* "are u a Shia,Sunni,wahhabi?" "oh!!" *dabel bodoh la najwa* " all of Malaysian Muslims are Sunni by right, since its the Arabs that converts us but not the persian, Iranian right they called themselves nowadays?, not to say that we follow the Arabs blindly, there are a few Shia followers in Malaysia, we fully understand the concept behind Sunni and Shia, we are taught in school on that"

then he explain that in India, women wear the Hijab according to their sect, all of the Shia women wears the burqa/niqab while the Sunni wears the standard hijab(i might get this mixed up) and some other i-nvr-heard-of-sects wear different kind of hijab. that's how they differentiate their sect. I was totally horrified when i heard it. No wonder they always quarrel and fight and kill each other over there. they're not supposed to separate ppl like that, all of us are still Muslims inspite our different concepts. we need integration instead of differentiation. I speak my mind on that. and he agreed. He says he was quite surprised on how different the Malaysian Muslims are.

the question caught me by surprise actually, not to say that im uncomfortable with it, im more than ok, im pleased actually if ppl would like to know more about my religion, the thing is why he came and ask me now when can ask me about it 2 months ago, its not as if i just started wearing the Hijab.

i was browsing through the Xinjiang riot news when i stumbled upon(pun indeed intended) France new PM Nicolas Sarcozy announcement a few weeks back that Burqa is not welcome in France, more details here. they are going to ban burqa in France.

now everything falls to place. oh! that's the reason behind his question. Im not an extremist, I wont wear the burqa, not in a thousand years, but to ban ppl from wearing it? that is just too extreme. there shouldnt be a law on what you should and shouldnt wear. human rights? freedom of expression? what part of that dont u understand? plus its you guys who condemn your neighbour for enforcing certain race to wear the yellow star on their chest.

pot calling the kettle's black.

p/s: just some illustration for those who doesnt know what niqab/burqa/hijab means and some other type of head scarves worn by Muslims. bg kite muslim mesia, ade 3 jer kot, tudung, purdah, tudung labuh. haa itu ajer le. tambah satu lg la, selendang. tp bukan selendang Datuk Siti iye.

image courtesy of BBC News in Graphics

Sunday, July 5, 2009

magicku lenyap

the camera has been put on the shelf for a long long's time to take it for a ride. it must be the dust, or i guess i just lost my magic. aku merapu tepu lg. dang!

blending in..
magic eight ball!