Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my first wiinjury!

yeah. got myself a wii. FINALLY. after drooling about it for almost a year and a half. *lame*. I only have the chance to fully utilized it last night, 10 rounds of boxing (im half way to pro level btw. wohooo!!), 10 rounds of tennis best of 5(im always were and always will be lousy in tennis i guess), a few rounds of golf, baseball, bowling, table tennis, badminton, fencing, go-kart, darts, and a few more i-cannot-rmmmbr-what sports, and what do i know? i sweat like a pig after 3 hours playing. no kidding. i sweat more than i did in my belly-dance class. it was awe-so-freakingly-some.. effing great!! I drench my shirt with sweat.. now that is what i called SPORTS from the comfort of your home!!!

u know the feeling when you shower after you break some sweats, its like u've being resurrected, re energize like nothing can bring u down. yeah I love that feeling. after i showered, i managed to assembled the writing table all by myself, its not from IKEA with those easy breezy assembling, if u're wondering, its one of those cheapo compressed-wood-chips writing table from Giant and it requires a lot of energy to hand-screw 8 freaking screws into 4 freaking wood panel at the same time, it was honestly my first Hulk moment.

I was amazed at how Wii was able to bring out the HUlk in me.

woke up this morning, and my whole upper body ache like *hell*. muscle-pain. you know the muscle pain after playing a sport u never tried or not played in a long time? yeah that thing, it's my first Wiinjury! hoorayy!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"bukan zaman surat cintan letak bedak la bengap!"

aku emo ari ni. kelas unix was fun. but a friend of mine spoilt it. die suh aku ajar assignment kelas satu satu dan satu kat dia.basically aku kn buat assignment die. smp aku ttgl cikgu aku ajar. almost all the way to the end. sbb aku kn mengajar die.

"miss Ayub, nape muke ko merah tahan marah? hik hik!" dem Karena perli kat IM. "aku pms.. ko senyap! LOL". seb baek aku mampu lg utk gelak. tkpe ajar org berkat. rezeki murah.

abes kelas, balik cube aku. wah damai. bleh wat keje.

tk smp 10 minit. sean dtg. "Najwa u finished early..good! i secured 2 boards for our probing.. let's go and probe those DDR2 bastards!,we nd to do it by this week" aku tgk die. wat muke blur. weh oink oink, THAT IS YOUR JOB!!!! dont make it as if its MINE! cant u at least ask nicely? "oh u have alot of things to do eh? erm maybe we do it later in the afternoon.. how's that sound?" "Sounds GREAT! catcha later!" blk ngadap laptop aku. nasib baik ko phm!

tk smp sejam stgh. *trrttt trrrttt* fon vibrate. "yellow~" "hey Najwa, have u seen the working CB boards?" those are YOUR boards, YOU own those!! i only own XL ok? "yeah.. it's lying somewhere on the rack. why do u nd a CB anyway? just use the XL boards, we hv plenty of those. its the same thing anyway"(toneless me replied) "NO we nd CB!!" wtf. "i'll be there in 10"

5 minit. "Najwa good u're here. what happen to the BIOS burner.. something's wrong!!" wtf. tgk tgk. u put the wrong socket. and u chose the wrong device. "ok burn a CB bios for me.." sejak bile aku jadi assistant ko weh?? "can u call YW and tell her we nd the CB board back". "i dont hv her no". aku wat muke bodo burn bios, die gi sibok2 suh org laen call YW. mcm taleh bwat sdrik jer.

aku amik bios chip sumbat dlm CB board, turn on, system booted up fine. aku gi kat die.btw. die suh colleague aku yg busy tahap otromen-di-medan-perang-dgn-led-tgh-kelip2 IM YW. what kinda stupid guy are u? why cant u DO it YOURSELF? and with a loud voice aku ckp "we have one healthy board. booted fine!" he said " are u sure? there's no BIOS in there.. did u realised that there's no BIOS in there?" i just look at him and said "go and look at it urself!" ape die ingat aku ni bodo tahap zombie ke? tkde BIOS boleh booted? bayi kecik br kluaq perut mak seminggu pon tahu laaaaaaaaa... nih zaman facebook.. bukan nye zaman surat cintan letak bedak la bengap!

"oh yeah it works!" *BAH!* "but we nd another one!"

die kalut2 gi burn another bios, aku kluarkan bios dlm working board, taruk dlm another board, sumbat power supply, turn on, system stuck. dem. aku gi carik another board. die dtg. "oh i already tried that but it didnt work~" aku amik board tuh.. sumbat working bios ngn power supply. tekan power button. elok jer system booted up.

"oh well it works now!~" aku senyum kat die. bg 2 boards tuh kat die. and blah. tk smp 10 minit pon dh selesai kerja, tanpa mengganggu ketenteraman org laen.. len kali bwat sdrik bleh tak? what are your MASTERS and DEGREE from a well known US uni for anyway?

aku blk tempat aku. tgk meje Oden ade turkish delight. aku amik. mkn. keje. mkn. mkn. mkn. Karena gelak. "ade biawak besar duh.. tgh panas dgn incik sean.. hahahaha". dem. LOL.

then Suthai dtg mintak tlg. die nk pinjam XL board. mintak aku setupkan. elok jer die ckp. aku pon terus cair. aku bukan takat setupkan.. siap runkan test terus. kl tny aku elok2 tkde la aku jadi singa perempuan..

then suthai gelak2 tiba2.. "Najwa2.." die tunjuk skrin laptop die. Sean IM die tny whether aku dh blk ke belom? oh td aku restart laptop tk sempat nk login. aku dh taleh tahan gelak. rupenye sume org tahu aku tgh panas ngn die. hahahaha.. padan muke. sume org tahu ko tk reti burn bios ngn turn on board. hahahahahahahahahaahha..

on the way nk ke laptop aku.. oden ckp.. "weh sean carik ko.. die suh ko call die" mampos aku nk call die.. die ingat die bos aku? login laptop.. aku im die.. "wassup? looking for me?" "yeah just wondering whether u want to setup the TLA today or tomorrow?" ade hati die nk suh aku wat keje lagi? "let's just do it tomorrow.. its already 6.15 and KL's pretty busy right now" and he goes.."hahhaha.. ok2" and i replied with a ":)".

sori. entry emo. aku pms. ade pulak org carik psl dgn aku. and believe me. im not the only one having issues with him. EVERYONE ade issue ngn die. that's why everybody understands. thank GOD! aku mcm tk sabar2 tunggu bulan puasa. mcm mane la agak nye ye aku nk sabar ngn die 30hari berturut2?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

nth la

hari ni lab aku sejuk luarbiasa, rasa macam dok dalam freezer.. dan aku bukannya exaggerate, bukti nye exhibit a) kopi panas tahap melecur aku sejuk mcm iced-coffee sesudah di abandon selama beberapa minit, exhibit b) aku dah pakai 3-piece dh (spaghetti, shirt, cardi ok?) pon masih perlu memakai sweater merah yg aku curi dari matle.

ingat tak cerita "i can see dead people".. dia cakap kalau ada "dead people" around, temperature akan drop tahap tidak masuk akal? cakap pon boleh keluar asap. hmm..

colleague aku cakap di kala malam hari, dia selalu dengar org cakap-cakap kat lab aku, hebat bendalah tu, boleh cakap melayu, cina, omputeh, tapi dgr mcm sayup2 aje..

bukan dia seorang jer dengar, malah semua org yg kerja selepas detik 12mlm/pagi. hmm..

aku baru aje nk brag dekat budak2 petronas, "hantu lab aku lg hebat dari hantu kibod klcc!!! bwahahaa" datang spoiler dari kawan aku, suara2 itu sebenarnye safety announcement security psg kat lab PD lepas kol 12pg/mlm(kwsn lab opis aku ade 3 layer, outermost layer; security, kat tgh2; lab PD, innermost layer baru lab aku, aku kene scan 3 pintu nk smp ke lab aku, ade la rasa macam keje kat fox river skit2.) dats wai suara itu sayup2 kedengaran dalam 3 bahasa.

aku rasa imaginasi aku terlampau tinggi utk umur aku la.

Monday, June 8, 2009

the parking space story

last week, on a one fine day, aku blk lmbt and balik2 ade org curik parking space aku!!! damn it!! and die tk pegi keje pulak 2 hari. urghh.. aku kene parking jauh gile for that 2 days.

damn this parking space thing is just like a relationship..seriously! i came out with a list on how a parking space resembles a relationship!

#1 - If u have a Camry and ur parking space only can fit a Kancil, it is expected for ur Camry to received scratches here and there. ppl might accidentally bang ur door, well dont be mad at them or your parking space. ur camry is NOT supposed to be there.. it needs a bigger space. you need to find a new parking space and give the space to a much needed car, ie kelisa or kancil.

#2 - if your parking space is pretty convenient, ie. it's right next to the lift, trust me, it wont be yours for long, it wont even last for a day, so if you get ur hand on these kind of parking space, mark it as yours, paid big bucks for it, and put a HUGE label that says "reserved for WTH 444" and chained it. but hey if its the same case as #1, just stick to the parking space that suited you the most, maybe u nd the extra walk afterall.

#3 - dont be mad when ppl steal your parking space,blame it on ur self, u shoul've mark it as yours! bought it. reserved it. chained it. and do the the annoying honking when somebody stole urs, go and knock on their doors and made them move their car! u gotta show some authority!

#4 - ur car is not happy when it is being parked at a bumpby, rocky, parking space, u have to go and made some changes, ie, maybe paved it, and build a roof over it.

#5 - some ppl like to change their parking space everyday, never satisfied with one, accidentally stole others spaces, but that's how they like it. they are not ready to settle down yet, they never will i guess. tapi kalau parking space dh full mcm mane? terpakse la mereka2 ini parking di luar pagar, wahahahahaha.. padan muke tkde pakgad nk jage ko punye kete.

aku merepek tahap.. haha. oh the wedding season is here again.. tapi setelah di usha2, radar aku tk catch any hensem boy at sight, aku dh tkde ati nk stray around. seriously! damn! one step ahead in becoming a full-blown mak-mak type. *nightmare* but im kinda liking it. he he he.