Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dimana air mata dan mukus bersatu

3 sappy crappy things that made my eyes watery(dimana air mata dan hingus bersatu) this month!

1) kite runner
- this movie made me cry like a baby. He called while i was watching it, he was like, "you just made a joke like nothing's wrong, but i know that u're crying.. waddup??" and he goes "u're crying over some movie conjured up by the western kutuking the Taliban?? how's that sad???" go and watch it. u'll understand. luckily i didnt read the book.or else swollen eyes for the whole week.

2) my mom
- I once was so busy that i did not see her for 4 months, i did not even missed her, not for one bit, because I know that she's not that far away from me. But once she travels out of the country, the damn sappy homesick dream started, and i woke up crying like a 13 yr old hostel newbie. damn the mother and child bond.

3) Connie Talbot
- Susan Boyle did give me goosebumps(all through the show) when she sings CAT's Melody, but this little cutesy lady made me reached for Premier's tissue when she finished the first line of wizard of oz's over the rainbow.

Monday, May 25, 2009

relive your youth folks with garfunkel and oates!

watching this video is like walking down my own memory lane. its the 90s all over again. LOL. all of them are my "growing up" songs. breakfast at tiffany's? the worst song in the world? kamon! and drops of jupiter? semi charmed life? *sigh* i just saw my youth flew by.

so here's the list:

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever
Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life
Paula Cole - I Don't Want to Wait
Next - Too Close
Six Pence None The Richer - Kiss Me
Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up
Aqua - Barbie Girl
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
Paula Abdul - Rush, Rush
The Police - Every Breath You Take
Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever
Train - Drops Of Jupiter

if you dont know at least one song from this medley, either u are underage, or u just one of those sad ppl who didnt listen to the radio. *poor you*

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mum's the music

i have this in my mind everytime i listen to the radio, what's wrong with today's music, its all about sex, violent, dirty words, and sex.

all of the tunes are quite catchy but when u listened hard for the lyric u go, yeahh kinky~ but wait a minute, im 24 its ok for me to say that, im an adult d(well kind of), but what if i have a 10 year old daughter(im thinking like a makcik!!) and she listens to these kind of tunes, and start asking me *mommy what does fuckface means?* i'll go berserk! and i have to do the bird and the bees talk when she starts school at the tender age of 7.ok dah merapik. what's more merapik is when she's 4 years old and starts to sing-along to some dirty hip hop song.. and the first word she says is F*** u! ohmyGod its the end of the world. (imagination aku tinggi pulak ari ni!). seriously. remember the angry tenant clip, the cute kid that swears a lot at will ferrell? haaaa... see its not just my imagination.. its happening already!!

ok dah merapu tepu, back to the main point, back in the 90s, we have boybands that sing mushy-oh-so-romantic-love songs, even the 80s rockstar sings hardcore romantic songs, november rain anybody? even nirvana songs are not straight forward dirty! we do have our own sex-symbol,madonna with like a virgin, only the adult understand it(and if my kid ask me what does virgin means i'll say it means pure, and undisturbed! ha ha ha!), and late 90s we have the girl group era, spice girls! they are sexy but still decent, and their songs are well suited for their target listeners, and All Saints and TLC, oh boy, they are Great! pure talent! compared to the damn pussycatdolls that only rely on their body.even Britney and Christina started out innocent. *sigh* well the biggest transformation of all would be, kylie minogue lah..

just realised that i am more influenced by the british pop culture rather than the americans. ha ha ha. the Corrs will always be my favorite. our generation turns out ok because we are influenced by goody good music.

ok my point being is, if these obnoxious songs, hip hop and what not, still reigns in the local radio stations, i dont know how im going to raise up my kids. *sigh* and it makes me wonder how my mom being superwoman enough to bring up all 4 of her daughters, and we all turned out to be more than ok. well the other 3 that is, i'm a wee bit screwed up in the head. im really seriously proud of her! *still in mother's day mood*

p/s: spent the weekend with mom and my sister. they turned me into a makcik monster!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the musical scrubs

oh im crazy about this hey ya outkast cover done by Ted from Scrubs. haha. turns out that, that cover was originally done by Obadiah Parker.(nk blaja men lagu nih!! aku cappo gitar aku dgn ape? getah gelang bley?) this one of those cover songs that I favor more than the originals. ie. Emma Diegment Just Dance(lady gaga who?)! owh it turns out that Ted little acapella group in Scrubs is actually a real acapella group called The Blank. Expect the unexpected huh? just like Kutner from House/Kumar from Harold & Kumar commit suicide in House MD because he secured a juicy job with Obama. What are the odds?

andddd Gooch(Kate Micucci), Ted's buah hati is an actual ukulele player (d'oh). All of her songs have that cutesy feel and she does look like one of those gummy bears in Star Wars. Look at those eyes!! *sigh* here she is with ted doing a "I Like You" song. in the original song, the end part, the "screw you" it supposed to be "f*** you". damn! cute song also can be so dirty ha?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

things that annoys me..

1) ppl who actually stroll down a busy street taking their own sweet time doing it. kamon~ i know u want to strut ur stuff to the world but the truth is even the aneroxic girls on the runaway strut their way faster than you! the truth is dear,u are slowing down the traffic!! this is NOT i repeat NOT the damn park where u can go and have a stroll while playing that comel-comel-konon-manja thing with ur so called partner.

2) love birds with too much public affection. ok2 so u're in LOVE, the WHOLE world will know it just by looking at ur vibrant-oh-so-bahagia face, so what's the deal with hugging, kissing, foddling, foddling!! in public? im tired of answering my nephew questions about these issues. so please pretty please end my misery!

3) "old maid" who not just being young at heart, but actually think she's still in her 20s. leggings, tanks, shorts, minis, wut?? grannie puhlezz, leggings are NOT, NOT, i repeat NOT for miss cellulite, its for those skinny ladies. so let's stick to the normal pants shall we?

4) fyi Penang is the island of rempits. and i do mean that. rempits are everywhere. and they basically OWN the road. motorist stays on the left side, that's the rule!!! not in the MIDDLE of the road or the RIGHT side of the road. plus they do make signal lights for motorcycles. so please freakingly please use them and stop honking ppl when its ur freaking fault, plus u're not as huge as a freaking bus for Godsake, so scale down ur EGO!! oh wth. im talking about the rempits here. *pointless*