Thursday, April 30, 2009


Setiap kali aku pulang ke rumah dlm lingkungan jam 730mlm ke 830mlm, aku akan terserempak dengan seorang pakcik tua dengan seorang budak lelaki berpegang tangan, jalan-jalan ambil angin di sekitar apartment aku. Pakcik tuh pakai baju dengan seluar pendek yg sama dan budak lelaki tuh pakai baju tidur(PJs) yang sama. setiap kali. ni aku tak tipu. baik betul pakcik tuh bawa cucu dia jalan-jalan maghrib2 ni. pastuh aku teringat satu benda.

pintu lif aku ada lukisan(lukisan ke ukiran ke aku pon tk tahu nak panggil apa) seorang dewasa pegang tangan dengan seseorang budak. lukisan nya hanya figura orang tak ada air muka pun. mengikut figura nya lelaki lah jantina mereka. nih bukan lukisan kotor, nih lukisan bersih.

hmm. bulu roma aku dah mula naik. pastuh aku baru teringat. aku pernah terserempak dengan mereka dalam lif, ade makcik dengan ramah nya borak2 dengan budak tuh.. dalam mandarin (dulu belajar mandarin cukup2 makan nak pas, aku memang tak paham langsung! yang aku phm meyo meyo. memang tak boleh diharap).

apa yang penting.. figura di pintu lif aku adalah projek seni(art project) pakcik dan cucu nya bukan lah kisah angker yang cuba di gembar gemburkan oleh imaginasi aku yg menginginkan keterujaan(excitement!). oh bummer~

p/s: nanti lah aku ambilkan gambar figura yg sungguh angker itu.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

you know u're a geek when...

1) u dig csi more than gossip girls. watching dramas is like watching paint drying on the wall. and the episode where grissom left LV crime lab makes u cry like a baby.

2) u dig house md and u find sarcasm's sexy.

3) u are more like the guys from big bang theory rather than Blair Waldorf(you're a true geek if u dont know who Blair Waldorf is). plus big bang theory cracks u up always.

4) u are more like ted moesby, the nerdy architect mixed with Marshall Eriksen the environmental-friendly lawyer rather than some cast from sex in the city crazy over shoes.

5) u're as workaholic as JD and Turk, ur office is ur home.

6) u're offline only when u're asleep.

7) u dont have any facebook, myspace, all those community network account because u are soo paranoid over identity theft.

8) u can spend hours and hours in bookstore browsing through all kind of genres.

9) ur idea of a perfect weekend is spending time at home with ur loved one with racks full of great books and hard disk full of TV series and movies.

10) you laughed out loud, seriously loud when reading Dilbert comic strips.

11) your dating hotspot is the bookstores.

12) u find geeks sexy. definitely sexier than the 6 packs guys or the oh-so-overrated-jap-korean-HK-wuteva hunk.

13) google is your best friend!!(this one's a classic!) when u do define: more than 10 times a day, or google earth everytime u want to go to a new place

14) u can read 64bits binary code without help.

p/s: i'll add more later on. LOL.

Monday, April 20, 2009

a senario funfair


ke fun-fair belakang rumah aku. ajak sue-anne dengan oden, teringat fun fair tahun 80an.. ala2 fun fair dlm senario the movie. haha. aku dapat hadiah pedang pink lepas main dart. noted that i've gotten big. penang's been treating me good. hahahaha..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

a quiet weekend

chores, ebook, movies, tv series, ebook

Friday, April 10, 2009

a trip down memory lane

about a fortnight ago, went back to KL to have some quality time with the family. it was all nice and sweet and everything in between. took 2 days leave on monday and tuesday since my project already PRQ. hooray!! was having my final dinner with kak ya and she was channel-browsing and when she came across awani or was it aruna? dont know dont care, sum kinda soap opera was on, and i was like "hey they're talking in tagalog or indon? it sounded the same to me" ( i know its a little bit racist but hey.. they really sounded the same!!). and when one of them talk really slow, we were like "owh!! its indon!!" *bah!*. from that point onward we were hooked, the movie was about this one lady bump into her high school crush when she was about to get married to this other innocent guy.. we're talking about her BIGGEST high school crush, period! and she started to pull out her super old diaries and reminiscing back to her high school days.. and kak ya said if i were her, i wont read my old diaries back, it will be disgusting!! you will be reminded of how immature and hormonal you were.. crying over pretty boys, and over some non-existing crisis with your friends and family.

back to the movie, the girl joined this cadet menjaga keamanan sekolah society just because her crush was the team lead and she has to endure being trained in the rain, the usual drill. haha. dont we all experienced that? I joined Girl Scout just because there were like tons of cute seniors.. hahaha.. really reminded me of the time when we have a marching practice in the rain... that practice was for some marching competition.. and we won! damn we really bonded dem well back then.. scout's honor i guess.

and how we will create a nick name for all of the cute guys that we drooled after, to make it easier to talk in public without getting noticed, those nick name really sticks until today, to the extend of forgetting their real name. funny nicknames though, there was robin hood(cause back then there was this Robin Hood tv series aired by TV3, you know the one with the medieval concept, we really drooled over that Robin Hood guy) Over(this one stick until today!), 123(and this one too), pokok, 808, 712, sos, and etc (lupe dah).

and boy how we really stalk the prey, i remember when robin hood graduated from high school, we were wondering where does he continue his study, so I called(after being forced by neera :p ) his home no (which we took from the year book) and pretended to be this alumni member, inviting robin hood to our reunion dinner, and his mom told me that hey he's not around, he's studying in some local uni.. bam! got it! thanx mom! ;)

alot of good and embarrassing memories back then, during my lower secondary school years, the upper secondary school wasnt that much fun (since it's a boarding school!), it sucks actually, that's where i learned about how selfish ppl can be, backstabbing, bitching, political interest, its a true dog eat dog world.. i hate those 2 excruciating years! all they know about is to get to the top, to secure that scholarship to some foreign country. *sigh* i just let them be, and stays in my own small world and bonded with ignorant ppl like me. I turned out well enough i guess.. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

muka head lighthouse, teluk bahang

last week, our tech, KL, organized a hiking trip to Pantai Kerachut, and my lead said, heyyy kerachut's no fun, let's go to muka head instead. i heart hiking. seriously. eventhough the aftermath is a painful event (im talking about the muscleache and the broken legs, well at least that's how it feels like). but the feeling of drenching your shirts with sweat is just exhilarating plus the priceless scenary! i havent broke a sweat since uni years.. well that's about 10 months ago.. so i was really excited about this trip.. they estimate it will be a 4hours journey, to and fro. this is my 3rd hiking trip, the first was to the ayer itam dam, and the second one is Kledang,Ipoh.the longest walk i had in 10 months is 6hours of window shopping in queensbay. that is my practise ground!

muka head is a lighthouse built by the brits in 1883, and it resides about 227 meters above sea level. its about 4.5KM from the entrance of the Penang National Park. they have 4 pits stop before reaching muka head. first is sungai tukun, second is teluk tukun, third is usm research centre, fourth is the monkey beach.

i was still ok when we reached monkey beach, the climb up to muka head however, was a painful event!! i stopped 10 times to slow down my heart, it was racing like hell! when we reached the lighthouse, and climb up the stairs, my jaw just dropped, the view was *speechless*. it was all green and blue.. u cant even distinguish where the ocean ended and the sky started. it's beautiful! u can see hawks and eagles flying, with clawed feet stretch out to catch some foods. it was like in the discovery channel.. it was worth the sweat!

stayed there for almost 2 hours, just trying to capture the beauty, and keep it stored in my hard drive. its going to be my escapism for the next 3 months.

when hiking down the hill, we have some comparative religion debate going on, with me being the sole muslim there and my lead and KL as the true christian. it was a great talk, i learned a lot, and i am more thankful that im a muslim. but what i regret is i dont have that much knowledge in Islam and the world history. I need to buy some books, sponge all of them up. i remember back in high school how me and my friends will ask the ustat about all of these weird questions about comparative religion.. especially about the jews and christian and nabi Isa a.s. and how my history teacher always came in late to our class, just because we like to ask alot of weird questions that are not listed in the textbook. and she'll be like scratching her heads just to answer our questions. hahaha.. you know how curious kids are. we dont have that much internet back then.

they decided to hike back to the entrance, i was like? wut?? my kaki is about to burst, let's just take the boat. but i do have my pride and said nothing instead. its like a scene in Lost. hahaha.. seriously.. i keep on engaging my thoughts with happy things, like a cold 100plus waiting for me at the entrance, or about the cold shower and the clean sheet, it works for a while. i know this sounds a bit cheesy, and belagak. but the thing that really helps me getting through the 4.5KM hike back to the entrance is selawat. seriously. its not as if im going to die or anything right? but hey i was soo tired i swear i dont care about the running liquid coming out of my nose, i was soooo soooo tired! it was a continuos hike, non-stop. when i'm just too tired to think, my brain just auto divert itself not to think about the tiredness, and to keep my legs moving, it engaged itself in funny thoughts, and how one thought can lead to another, it keeps on going on and on and on. like the thought about this damn jungle looks exactly like a scene in Lost, and i could even bump into sawyer *drool* and i started thinking about some polar bears attack, and some black smoke.. yada yada.. LOL

and they were right about how powerful ur brain can be.. u just have to push the limit. 9KM of jungle trekking and hills climbing, annndddd i nailed it! oooooyeahhh.. the window shopping in queensbay really helps! girls do have stamina ok! you think its easy to walk in those heels for hours? well i dont do that.. but still.. i nailed it!!! the guys a bit skeptical about me able to do it, and i say *IN YOUR FACE!!!*