Thursday, March 26, 2009

butterfly farm teluk bahang



I was chatting with Sue Anne last Friday, about my broken tv, her room-scouting (yeah she has a wee bit problem with her current house, it's a MESS! with sue anne being a total neat freak, she's thinking of moving out after less than a month stay there)and one thing led to another, i went to pick her up in Kulim. we went to BJC for my weekly pirated dvd updates,and she bought a new phone, basic phone with no camera (we are not allowed to brought in cameraphone to the factory line thus the splurge). so much for the biggest economic depression of all time.*sigh*

the next day, Dianne and Izzy invited us to join their butterfly farm trip, Dianne own a d60, thus the bonding, oooyeahhh~ there's this other penang girl with d60, waniey, and tadaa~ a new photog group was founded.

i just found out that there's this species of ulat bulu that is in the color of rainbow. and that there's this restaurant in Teluk Bahang right next to the default-wedding-photos-are-taken beach that serves THE best laksa in town. you can see brides in whites and grooms in tuxs every damn weekend there.

the next day we went to Kulim for Sue Anne room-scouting, and we found one! great housemates with guitar & amp and also equipped with a neat-sense :)

we went to honey bakery & cafe for dinner.. it really reminded me of Top One in Batu Gajah... the greatest place to lepak for UTPian.. haha.. their banana split and the cheese cakes.. to die for! dem, i cant believe that i actually missed those things!

the weekend ended with the tv still lying there broken.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

picnik vs picasa

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currently i'm using the company's laptop as my personal laptop was given to my sister after hers was stolen by some indon freak. which means i dont have all the necessity sofwares,well not really, just the important one that matters, photoshop.. i cant live without photoshop.. i dont do retail therapy, i just photoshopped! so without any sort of photo-editing sofwares, my life turns into hell! imagine a shopaholics/fashionistas without their shopping spree! so the next best thing is to revert back to those open source photo editing sofwares..

was introduced to picnik by photojojo a couple of years ago.. it was a great substitute for photoshop.. it has all the basic tools, brightness contrast, curves, shadows highlights, saturation, colors, and they even have those photoshop actions stuff.. and their actions pretty cool.. love the cross processing.. but their BW kinda frustrating , its just plain shift+ctrl+u in photoshop.. BAH! but all of their other actions are pretty cool.. my personal favorite is the movie thing.. haha.. they even have this online bookscraping.. best gileee sofware tuh!! but picnik is an online photo editing.. so its effectiveness depends on your internet connection, with streamyx it will keep on saying.. please wait.. picnik is fluffing clouds, growing grass, blooming blossoms, sprinking dew,painting sky, yada yada, tunggu lah smp firefox hang.. which sux when u just cannot tahan anymore..

so at one time while i was waiting for picnik to finish painting flowers, i went and browse my google reader, i was like "gile la google, sume ade.. reader,map,earth,chrome,mail,talk,andddddd picasa!!" tadaa... a revelationn! i quit picnik andddddddd download picasa.. ngahhahahaha.. it was quit a downgrade lah compared to picnik.. it just got a bunch of auto-contrast, auto-color, hightlight,shadow, sharpen, bw,sephia and some other filter.. i made the best out of the limited stuff that picasa has to offer, but after that i tried the collage feature! it was SUPER!!! hahahahahaha.. no longer have to do manual collage like i used to.. easy!!! LOL.. but its frustrating when u have limited control on things, unlike manual control in photoshop. But hey i managed to pull through the collage for the yellow kebaya entry.. coolness!!

so the winner is still picnik.. but without a good internet connection, i'll make do with Picasa..i'm HAPPY and CONTENTED.. nuff said! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


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aku sunyi.. sue-anne dah tkde.. dok sorang2 kat rumah.. men gitar sorang2.. dah tkde kucing nk dgr aku men gitar sumbang.. kucing tuh sekor jer suke aku men gitar..die dok diam2 sambil wat gaye manje menikmati kesumbangan gitar aku... tapi aku dah tak risau.. housemate baru sue-anne ade gitar jugak.. aku dah jumpe sifu gitar baru. :D

tale of the yellow kebaya

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it started with cyma's reception. that ninny told me about 2 weeks before her wedding that she wants me to be her pengapit, i was like wut? dont have any nice baju to wear, so just went and grab a kebaya in this one boutique in queensbay, which is the reason behind that huge hole in my wallet. and the journey of the yellow kebaya began.

the journey started on a friday afternoon, i drove down to kulim to sue-anne's place, left my car at KM3, and started our road trip to teluk intan at about 5.30pm. promised cyma that we'll reached there just in time for her berinai ceremony, but teluk intan seems pretty further away from kulim than we expected, with sue-anne's City cruising the PLUS highway at 130KM/H, we managed to reached chanelle's place at 9pm.

We blame the Perak road condition for our delay. HELLO perak leaders, stop fighting over each other and DO your JOB! ur major roads (Tapah to Teluk Intan road) are PITCH BLACK and as narrow as a hair's width and more winding than Shakira's hair! put some lamp post for Godsake..or u can take all of those extra lamp post in Sg Siput and put it there instead, it wont even put a dent on the state budget!

later at 12am, chanelle, sue anne, a-an and me went to pick up leia in Gopeng in chanel's new Pesona. and lepak at our usual's. the place where we got that crazy idea for that cameron trip at 4am in 2006. haha..

we finally get to bed around 3am, woke up at 10am on saturday morning by atiq's and yanne's phone calls. reached at cima's place around 2. just in time before ustat's rombongan arrival. they look super awesome in rich dark purplish red. and my lingerie gift did make a statement."hurry up and make kids, cant wait to be an auntie!". went back to channelle place and continue to sleep until 6, wake up and helped channell's mom prepare for kenduri that night. yeah all of us are practically sisters, it's great to experience those kampung kenduri feel again..its been ages since we have home cooked meal for kenduri, we always and always cater these days.. *sigh* went to bed at 12 since have to get up early for the next road trip back to penang for reception at ustat's place.

cyma said she's going to pick me up around 5am, and as usual with around 2 hour delay, we kick start our road trip back to penang at 7. janji melayu..reached penang around 10am sunday morning, went straight to the bridal boutique for shima's makeup, she looks like a princess!! auwwww... and went to ustat's place around 1. i was the damn pengapit and that payung is super heavy and my kebaya is beautiful but the sarong's abit revealing, i have to walk as slow as i can to avoid my calves to be seen by all of the pakciks and makciks. it was super, was having lunch at the pengantin's table, hahahahaha... VIP la sgt.. and after that being the bride's bibik carrying her oh-so-long-gown-trail. haha.

that important someone's arrived around 4 with amer(his boss) and nabil(his cousin). and i'll be following him to KL for my reunion with my high school BFFs, fatin and neera on monday that is the next day. and he merrily announced that we'll be dropping nabil at kuala kangsar, his kampung. where his opah and all his aunties are, yeah monday's a public holiday what do u expect? but luckily his mom is still in Johor. one less thing to worry about.

when i reached kuala kangsar, we went to the famous kuale's laksa, and melantak like hell, laksa's my no 1 favorite food of all time, period! and tapau for Opah. girls! remember remember,whenever u go to ur future inlaws place, whether for a visit or just to drop by, always and always bring a buah tangan.. no matter how small or how cheap it is.. always.. a lesson learned from cyma, 3 years of being a wife. hahahaha..

reached opah's house and tadaaa his mom called, she's in town.. OMG.. luckily im not in that damn kebaya... and as always we reached there during maghrib prayer. damn bitch me!! it was awkward.. being the only girl for maghrib jemaah.. it was a total emberassment...OMG..if mom knows about this.. im fried..alive! after the prayer,it gets better, i started some small talks and it gets better and better.. getting to know his cousins and aunties and his opah.. and his mom and dad arrived.. i was literally shaking..but what do u know.. i was practically saved by the nasik dagang! LOL.. they were having nasik dagang for dinner.. hoorayyyy for being a true all talks are about nasik dagang.. hahahaha.. they were all sooo nice!! :D!!! so continue our journey back to KL at 10pm, and when we reached somewhere before slim river, the traffic just stopped.. seriously.. and it was around 11.30pm.. we were stuck in a traffic jam for 4 fishing hours.. it was caused by this damn stupid construction SHIT.. we reached seri kembangan, atin's place at 6 in the MORNING!! damn damn u PLUS!!!

went straight to sleep and woke up at 10am because promised neera to meet her at alamanda around 11am..!!! hadnt enuff sleep.. and atin bought a new car!! its a white getz.. damn u atin.. i was about to get a getz.. urghhh... went to alamanda and catch up on things with neera and atin...i missed them sooo damn much... we were practically friends for almost 11 years.. lepak with them until 5 or was it 6pm.. His car's alternator has some problem which lead to not able to start his car which lead to me taking the star train to Pudu...thanks to atin for dropping me at sg besi.. u're the best... and the kebaya's journey ended when i took a 9pm bus back and reached my beloved penang island at 3am..

bayan lepas-kulim-teluk intan-permatang pauh-kuala kangsar-seri kembangan-bayan lepas.. it was a worthwhile journey. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

a cabbie tale

was on the way back from Fara's engagement with leia and sue-anne, took a cab and end up feeling like killing the cabbie.

he started with a light chat and i (being a chatterbox) blurted out that we just came back from a friend's engagement party. and he started asking us so when's our turn and i was like "tk smp seru lagi" and he replied"tak mencari ke?" and i was like "tak sampai lagi kot jodoh nye" and he was like"mmg la tkde jodoh kl tk mencari" i was like :-O. "ni lah budak zaman sekarang nk blaja tinggi, keje dulu, tanak kawin awal pastu dpt anak lmbt yada yada.."

and he started reminiscing back to his days, when everybody married at an early age and by the age of 40 their children already started working.. and old enough to take care of their parents.. bla bla bla.. so do the math, 40-23=17!!! i was like pakcik from which century are u from? stone age is it? come on!! do u honestly want a stupid mommy for ur kids? seriously?? stupid mommy generates stupid kids.. which will lead to stupid leaders.. *cough*u know how our leaders fights like hormonal young teens no?

no offense, but my ancestors were unlucky since during their time there are no such thing as schools.. but hey do they restrict their daughters from having education? hell no~ they even forced them to go to school.. and go to uni and explore the world and gain as much knowledge as they could.. not to reproduce as fast as u can because may day! may day!earth has this huge shortage of dumb kids..

I'm not against having kids.. I'm from a large family, seriously.. i want to have a huge family myself. but not at the tender age of 20!! i hv 6 siblings and my mom has 10 siblings.. which equals to more than 40 cousins... but did my grandma forced us to reproduced at an early age? no!! my late aji last wish was to have all of her cucu to at least graduate..

young mom at the age of early 20s and late teens are practically kids.. they still have that urge to play around, have fun, they are not ready yet for motherhood(I'm talking about the genY here). seriously.. if u still feel giddy when you see this cute super gentlemen guy with cute face and cute butt, and u still do the flirting drill, u are not yet ready to be a mommy! and we all feel that when we're in our late teens and early 20s no? these young mommies are the reason behind all those abuse and domestic violent. because they dont have enough dosage of fun yet and blame their kids for that!

i cant believe this kind of morons still exist!! "women are meant to be at home, you dont have to work because we can provide for you~" my foot!! take this recession for example, what if you somehow got retrench from ur job.. then who's going to pay the bills? ur kids napkins? even for ur food? go back and ask pocket money from daddy is it?
urghhh i know we women are too hormonal to lead, but we are more than capable to do other jobs! and we even good at it.

so dear incik cabbie, wake up, we are at the brink of war now, economic war, war with the jewish SOBs.. and all u can think about is early marriage?? if half of malaysian still have this kind of mentality, we ARE a third world country after all.

p/s: we told the cabbie that we are bunch of UM students. and he still can came out with this s**t.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

fuct up life of a workaholic

was back in the office at 10pm just now to run some quick test suite overnite, bump into one of my colleague, she was the only malay senior engineer in my team and she's a hell of a girl. prim and proper, hot, with a sexy lips and most important thing is she's got brain, a brilliant one. with a master degree from royal london college. hot scale of 10 out of 10. yeah she was just heading out from work. it was almost 10.15pm! she was on the phone and i just smile at her and went into the lab to do my work. went out from the lab around 11 and there she was still sitting on the bench outside of the lab still talking on the phone.. and i think she was crying.. and i was like.. ok wut should i do? she's my senior! im not supposed to ask her what happen right? so should i ignore her? or would it be biadap if i do that, it was a freaking dillema!! and she was queuing up behind me at the security scanning area and i was like.. erm just smile and dont say a word. and yeah it went well, she just ignore my presense..

my POINT is, she's my idol! she's a project lead at the age of 27! and she's brilliant, she's not one of those emotional ladyboss.. she's COOL! but i just realised how much sacrifices that she has to made in order to reach that level.. is it worth it? to know that you're up there? but at the end of the day, u went home to an empty house or even an empty bed. and nobody's there for you to share your story.. your fuct-up or even sweet victory story.. i really felt sorry for her, looking at her tear-eyed face, but i still want to be just like her.. i guess the stress really gets to her.. she breaks down once in a while and she'll be back tomorrow like nothing ever happened! she's the original superwoman!! but she gets the job satisfaction that she's looking know that she has actually achieved something in her life. and that is enough. i guess we are more than satisfied with our fuct-up life!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

auto-utopia-switch gateaway

you know when there are times that you are soo frigging stress that your mind somehow auto-revert to the good times? like your work is so messed up, u're in deep shit, basically u just jumped into this river full of human dump(slumdog millionaire, anyone??), well u do get what i mean right? and amazingly ur mind has its own mechanism to keep it sane just like the freaking fuse keeping ur machines from burning to shreads. it just has this auto-utopia-switch that will automatically turn on when the stress reach some critical level.

oh the thing is my lead taking off starting tomorrow till 16th march. and the best part is my project due date(we called it PRQ) is on the 20th. ROFLMAO. and left me and sean to finish the project. both of us were super clueless since both of us are newbies!!

my lead was briefing us on how we should proceed, it started out ok lah, and then the tension start building up, and my mind starts to wonder off to god knows where.. nah, its just wonders off to the those particular KL wknds where the grass is definitely greener, and the sky has a better shade of blue.

hopeless romantic me! im sucha hopeless case to the extend of i would say things like "sue anne i dont know why but i think the trees look abit different today, i think they just changed colors, coz so help me god the colors are super vibrant today, hijau die laen!" and sue anne just LOLed and straight away report it out to emille (u internet begerak u!!).. yeah that happened on a friday morning right before those KL trips.

p/s: my lead called najib "the emperor!" today.. we LOLed till we hurt our stomach. coz of that speaker being barred thing.. LOL.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

an ignorant kid indeed

i was working day in and day out(i love this phrase! haha) for the last 4 weeks with 2 fellow geeks and all we talk about is politics and well geek-talk.

Fun thing about geeks are that they are very outspoken and believe in the freedom of speech. they can ask you about things that are beyond ur imagination! they dont have this respek-la-weh-privacy-org thinking like how malays do. sometimes it startled me a bit but after a while i get used to it. i'm indeed an ignorant kid who rarely offended by things so i clicked right away into their culture. thanks to my dad upbringing.

the hottest issue now is the perak thing lah kan. Dewan Undangan Negeri assembled under a tree(it actually rhymes! haha)! bet that tree will be a historic landmark for the next generations to come! the most famous tree in Perak! oldest rubber tree wut??

and my lead ask me to poison najib's milk bath.. and ask me to start packing for kamunting because i keep on calling najib's c4-murderer... and calls me the Pas Spy since i spilt out that my dad's working for Tok guru..

he once throw me this question, "hey andika, about the Gaza strip issue, who owns that piece of land in the first place?"
hmm..the arabs before the jews take away their land and then he said what about BC? if i rmmbr my fekah right, Rasullullah s.a.w the first prophet from the arab race as the ones before Him was all Jews. hmm..
an awkward silent.
ok so what do u think about the issue? he asked me..
i said cant they share the land? its the holy land for you(he's christian btw), me and the jews, why cant they just share?
my lead answered back, "andika, we're talking about the Jews here, Jews? they wont share one!"
i just gave my cynical smile back at him. he LOLed.