Thursday, February 26, 2009

valentine's day? i say GREAT!

its been 3 weeks since i have the weekend to myself. been with the guys from work day in and day out. only had a day off during VALENTINE'S. alot of ppl say bad things about vtine's but i say valentine's ROCK!! BIG TIME!!!

if it's any other day, my lead will say things like this "hey andika, hv to work this weekend..crunch time dude.. 3 weeks to PRQ..u're the superwoman remmbr?" amik hati my foot lah.. it wont work! but during valentine's it goes like this "guys!its crunch time and we nd to work on wknds.. i hv plans on saturday so we gonna start on sunday.. agreed?" i was like what's on saturday that everyone has plans? owh my foot its 14th feb.

are u kidding me? they will get fried alive if they work on the so-called-V-day! V-day alright coz its Vag*** day. LOL. now that's what i call girl power!! how i LOVE girls who are crazy over vtine's day!! thanks to u girls, i have the whole day to me self!! hahaha but the guys look super tired with eye bags on sunday morning. kesian!! or NOT! ;) i was like "great nite huh guys?" both of them were like grinning to the ears.. honest! LOL.

oh during the vtine'e eve,me and the girls went to ferringgi for our monthly dvd stock update. since no streamyx for the leech-till-u-bleed.. tgh makan and there are bunch of girls selling roses dlm basket.. paris lah sgt kan? there they were selling flowers to the expats and tourist with their fake english and american accent.. "roses for your valentine's sir?" hahahaha...siyesly florist were everywhere that wiken.. hey suckers,u can get those flower bouquet for half the price the next day, but hey dont stop celebrating vtine's please.. i still need my day off.. hahahaa..

And during THE day off, was in bed watching movies and playing guitar all day long! and yeah half the time i was snoozing pon.. a typical UTP weekend. *heaven*

Thanks valentine's for giving me the UTP-break that is much needed!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

6th of 6th -specially for Yan.

yan tagged me to do this i dont-know-wut-stuff. so here goes yan.. and im not tagging anyone... because i hardly know anyone.. hahahahha.. so here goes my 6th pictures of my 6th folder of my picture folder. Thanks Yan!! and missing u mcm neraka. mind my language. haha.

stupid cupid friday

so here i was browsing this one shop in giant bayan baru on a friday afternoon, at first there was this thai salesgirl minding her own bisnes and suddenly came this thai guy and they started chit chatty chat then out of nowhere they start to make out!! there and then with me looking at them. i was like CMON!!! get a room!!! seriously this guy started to nuzzle her neck and stuff.. i was like seriously?? and just head out of the freaking shop thinking what's wrong with these ppl??

you were supposed to entertain ME not each other for godsake!! that shop is banned for the rest of my life! i swear. stupid! then off i went to the hypermarket for my groceries. normal stuff, ayamas drumet, fish balls, cabbage, onions, garlic, fruit juice, snacks, i was just heading to the pasta section for my stock of carbonara sauce for the week when i saw this couple started to get all over each other right at the very moment i reach the pasta aisle! to the extend of that guy started to grope her boobs. wut? again? in the middle of the freaking hypermarket?

people... i am one of those freaks that smiled and *auwwww* at public affection,young couple(young as in young adult and not KIDS) holding hands when crossing the roads, aunties and uncles walking hand in hand, husband hugging his wife and kids, now that is TRUE love not LUST!

my theory is that I'm like one of those cupids, but heck i don't need bows and arrows, it's like im generating this chemical that will induce pheromone out of every couple within 5 meter radius from me, these couples will start to get horny and started to make out.. but wait a minute, aint cupid supposed to be an angel?

hmmm.. now it makes sense.. my mom daily piece of advice since i turn teens,"andika, when u are alone with a guy, always remember u are not alone, there will always be a third.. and that third is the one that I dont trust!" Now i knew it!! the third is the cupid!!! ROFLMAO.

things that will happen when your brain is controlled by those western thinking. learn but dont succumb. cupid my @^$!!!