Tuesday, January 20, 2009

when everything that can possibly went wrong..

today started with an email from my manager asking me about my chronic stomach cramp yesterday.

"how are you, hv u been to a few doctors to check it out. it might be a serious problem since it occurs frequently."

he meant it in a good way.. showing his concern and all, and i replied back

"i have a chronic menstrual pain, i've been experiencing this since high school and all the doctor gave me is pain killer to ease the pain. thanks for your concern i really appreciate it!"

LOL. and my buddy told me to take the chinese medicine for that, it'll cost me about 90-100 ringgit per month and the herbs will reduce the pain significantly. and i straight away told him, "hey! if its halal im in!"

it all started when I cam back from kltn yesterday on firefly's morning flight and the freaking pain strike at 10,000 feet in the air, and believe me, the pain is 10 times more excruciating 10,000 feet above!

then i hv to drive back to Relau trying to ignore the pain, went straight to Relau's clinic and there you are, about 15 ppl queuing up. wtf! yeah.. only sane ppl swear at these kinda time, i humbly waited for 90 minutes and then straight away ask the nurse for painkillers and get my ass out of that horrible place.

i still able to endure the pain and drive myself back home and waited for the oh-so-damn-slow lift to lift me up to 14th floor and patiently unlock all of the padlocks and wut not, without locking it all back. haha. went straight to bed, stripped out of my clothes and cringe. the pain just wont go away, started to feel dizzy and i throw up twice. there goes my breakfast. wasted. the good thing is i managed to sleep after that. yeeehawwww...

that was yesterday, and today the agony continues, woke up at 6am (which is super duper hell-uper early for me!) because sue anne has an early meeting at 7am. no bigga deal for me anyway, reach office at 7am. work my ass off until 12. went out for lunch.

back at 130. and my buddy said, hey u wanna order dinner for tonite? they're getting orders for ppl who are staying back late.. its on the house btw. in other word i want you to stay late. read between the lines ppl. and i was like yeah sure. and i put on my headphone and blast ironic by alanis full volume. lol. i was happy really.

enjoying my agony for the day until there's this company policy popout window ask me to install some update stuff, and i straight away click "install and reboot" and the oh-so-famous-blue-screen-of-death appears. hahahahahaha.. i crash my laptop!! and it's only 15 days old. great! really! i was like wut the hell, life goes on, i happily hum to the last tune that i heard, rihanna take a bow, and continue doing my work until 9pm successfully without internet access. what an achievement! wohooo!

i was like happily driving myself home, blasting the car stereo with unwell from matchboxtwenty. reach home and gv that someone a call, was happily telling him how my day goes, laughing on how everything that could possibly went wrong actually went wrong! reach inside my bag for the keys, happily opening up all the padlocks and stuff, smiling to my housemates, and finally put my room's key into the lock and tadaa... it wont open.. because.. its the wrong key!! LOL.. left the original key in my other handbag..

a perfect ending to a perfect day. so i took about an hour drive around bayan lepas area to find a locksmith that actually works at 10 in the evening.. and return back in vain. haha.. wut do u expect la kan? and sue anne was like nan pulang la.. sudah malam.. lol. she lend me her towel, toothbrush and everything. thank god i left lotsa my clothes outside. *sigh* am i mad? no! im glad really, now i can actually tell ppl that i have experience the "when everything that could possibly went wrong!"

oooo yeah!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

between 2 colliding cultures

yesterday was my sis's wedding reception. it was very subtle and lovely. a small kenduri with about 400 guests. i LOVE it. small and easy. yeah fyi my bro's in law is a pakistani from pakistan. so there were a lot of the malay wedding customs that was cut off from the wedding. His excuse is "there's no such thing in Islam!"

so here goes the list of irrelevant malay wedding custom!! LOL!!

1) Hantaran
our definition: "its basically gift from both of you to each other where we'll somehow decorate it to make it look fancy a bit and display them for everyone to see"

his reaction: "oh ok then i guess we'll wrap em all up to make it look fancy then! no? no wrapping? then our main intention is to actually let everyone see the gifts? but that's riak!"

our reaction: " erm. erm. well. yeah if u look it that way.. but.. erm.. its tradition... erm.. alright, no hantaran then.."

2) Sanding
our definition: "basically both of you will sit upon a pedestal for everyone to see and critized."

his reaction: "huh?"

our reaction: " LOL. nah! we wont do it.. we nvr done it anyway. rarely done by kelantanese. that is the ultimate riak ever!"

a different perspective from a friend of my mine from Johor.

me: weh kakak aku nk kawin wiken nih.. kenduri jer la.. ari tuh dh akad dah.. tp wat simple2 jer.. tak sanding tk ape.. mak aku pon panggey dalam 400 org jer..

mmbr aku: ko biar btol, kalo kat kampung aku, tuh mmg dh kene sembur dh tuh.. nk kawin cpt.. wat kecik2.. sah2 ade ape2.. nth nth sbb kene serkup kot..

me: haha.. camtuh la org melayu... wat kecik2 sket cpt ajer mulut mengata.. kan ke lg elok wat kecik2 jer, tkde la membazir ye dak?

mmbr aku: kl aku pon nk wat kecik2 gak.. cpt sket aku leh kawin.. LOL

me: tuh laa bg aku.. dak2 yg dh wajib kawin tuh buat bende tk elok bukan sbb derang tanak kawin.. kl nk kawin pon bukan nye ckp duit ye dak.. kan sng kl akad jer and buat kenduri kecik2.. tkde de diorg nk bwat bende tk elok kat dlm semak samun..

do we follow tradition to the extend of disregarding our own religion? those traditions are adopted from other cultures anyway, hell im not even sure whether i have true malay blood running thru my vein, my mom's a mixture of siam and chinese and my dad's a mixture of pakistani and arab i guess. so there u go.. and i have race: malay stated in my IC.

disregard the race, what matters the most is that we have the same faith.

Friday, January 16, 2009

welcome to the family!

my niece, anis aqeela and my brother in law, nur. aku dh lame tk pakai photoshop.. ha amik ko lepas gian edit gmbr.

when reality hits...

nick_andika: landed on the 49th chapter, the final chapter!

i just realized this morning while juggling between work and blog-hopping that I actually HAVE a blog! i was like, YA ALLAH.. the last post was like february, 06(not that bigga deal since i only have 2 entries anyhow). but that is 2 years ago!!

and when i read back those 2 pathetic entries from 2-years-back-andika, its just amazing how much ppl can change in just 2 years.i was like a totally different person back then.

2006-2008 was the 49th chapter of my life...it's the chapter that makes me who i am today. back then, i took a hell lot of life-threatening-chances that i seriously not proud of but still I'm glad that i made it.

i opt for a career in semicond instead of oil&gas. which left my parents flabbergasted because they're hoping that i'll work for the green company which is more secure and more $$$$ instead of a semicond company that fabricates chips in Israel!! But i LOVE to play with chips! thats where my passion is, which leaves them no choice but to gv me their blessing. are there any regrets? my besties ask, yeah since the green company gave a 1k raise for the new hires, from financial POV, dang yeah..think of all the gadgets that i can buy, and the countless shopping spree!! but will i have this kind of excitement and satisfaction in the green company? hmm.. haha.. pros and cons ppl.

i also decided to leave 9 years of my life's memory behind because nevermind, we can create new memories, right? that is the hardest thing that I've ever done in my whole life! but yeah with full support from my family and friends, I moved on. When i feel like giving up, they keep on reminding me, "life's about what you NEED, instead of what you WANT!!" no matter how much it hurts, strive for whatever that you need and sacrifice whatever that you want, that's where true happiness lies. be as selfless as you can be. and yeah it pays back in less than a year. that's when i started to believe that there is no such thing as coincident, everything happens for a reason.

then i guess i'll continue blogging then huh?